This is the website of Government Secondary School, Afikpo Alumni Association (GSSAAA).

Government Secondary School Afikpo (GSSA) is a boys' high school located in Afikpo, a town in Ebonyi State in the former Eastern Region of Nigeria. This was the part of Nigeria that sought without success to secede as the independent state of Biafra in the late 1960s. The Nigeria-Biafra war (a.k.a the Nigerian Civil War) was Nigeria’s ultimately successful attempt to reintegrate Biafra forcibly into the larger Nigerian polity. GSSA was one of the best of the antebellum “leadership academies” of Nigeria. The war and its aftermath changed that.

“Where we started” 

We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time

 -T.S Eliot
 The Renovated Main Classroom Block



"The restoration of our GSSA is a labor of love and our magnificent obsession."  
 - Dr. Azubuike Ezeife, Chairman, Board of Trustees, GSSAAA


"The restoration of GSSA demands sacrifice - a necessary inconvenience we gladly accept."     
- Egwu Nkama, MBA, President, GSSAAA                 


To whom much is given, much is expected (Luke 12:48).                                           

We, the alumni of GSSA, have indeed finally arrived where we started. We now fully appreciate the value of the place and its pivotal influence in shaping our lives.


This is a place dear to our hearts. In the formative years of our lives – the teens - our families entrusted us to the care of this place. We called this place home during an important period in our lives. This is the place where we grew up. Our growth spurt, physical as well as intellectual, occurred in this place – in this serene patch of planet earth. In this place, we learned lessons and precepts that would guide our lives. This place is an important part of who we are. To us, therefore, this place is special beyond measure.


There was something about the place. The tranquil and serene ambience, the air itself pure, pristine and perfect...The tradition of excellence… The culture of discipline and of reverence for God and respect for authority as enshrined in the school’s motto, the biblical command: “Fear God. Honor the King”….The richness of student life… The ethos of caring….The ethic of diligence and hardwork and of always doing one’s best….The exemplary devotion to duty on the part of the principals and masters


The place worked its magic. In this place, human grubs morphed into beautiful butterflies. Drab buds blossomed into lovely flowers. Ugly ungainly ducklings became gorgeous and graceful swans. Fledgling eaglets grew powerful wings. And shy and timid little boys became well-rounded, well-educated and self-assured young men.


The teaching was the envy of other secondary schools. The education? Simply world class.


Then came time for “exploration”….. Name any major institution of higher education in the English speaking world. Chances are GSSA alumni have been students there. Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Nsukka, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, U.Penn, Lagos, Mayo, Ibadan, Caltech, Swansea, Howard, Ahmadu Bello, Columbia, UCLA, Emory, Cambridge, Ife, London, Edinburgh and many, many other great institutions…. GSSA alumni “explored” them all.


The result? Countless doctors… Innumerable engineers, architects and geologists…Ph.D’s in every imaginable discipline…. Professors and other professionals… University leaders, executives of corporations and leaders of governments and ministries…. Educators, scientists, religious leaders, top civil servants, prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs….


But that was then…..


Alas! We now hardly recognize the place “where we started” – the very cradle of our success.


Scorched and scarred by the fires of war; and buffeted by the vicious fury of vile political storms that came in the war’s wake; the place is now in ruins. Havoc wrought by modern day barbarians who could not see value in the jewel entrusted to their care.


Thus, sadly, our beloved GSSA has sunk into the depths of a veritable dark age.


Mindful that, “to whom much is given, much is expected”; and that unless we act the school might cease to exist:


We, the alumni of GSSA, are resolved to restore our beloved alma mater and to make her great again. Out of the rubble heaps and the crumbling dilapidated buildings will emerge a better school. We pledge to give heart and soul and mind and strength to lift our alma mater out of the abyss of her dark age into the glorious sunshine of a new era of rebirth, renewal and rededication to her mission – to educate the leaders of tomorrow.


Long live GSSA! And may God bless and preserve her for countless future generations.